Increase Water Pressure

One of the primary complaints of homeowners in Toronto is low water pressure. This usually means that when 2 or more fixtures are running, water pressure slows down. Low water pressure can be an inconvenience in growing households, especially when adding more bathrooms to a home or even a second kitchen. If your home still has the original 1/2" water service, you will want to upgrade to meet the demands of today.


Upgrading your Water Service

The water service is the water pipe that delivers water to your home from the city.

This water pipe can be considered in two sections:

  • First, the section which runs from the water main (the main water pipeline) to the homeowner’s property line. This section of the pipe is owned and maintained by the city. 

  • The second section of pipe belongs to the homeowner, from the property line to the inside of the home is the homeowners responsibility.

 Upgrading your water service may seem like a large invasive job but can actually be done with minimal damage to your property and generally can be done with minor excavation work, by using torpedo technology there is no need to trench the property. One hole is usually excavated on the property and another small trench in the basement, a "torpedo" is then used to tunnel underneath the footing of the home to bring the new water service pipe into the basement.


Whether you are looking to replace an old lead water service to rid your home's water of harmful contaminants or looking to increase pressure in the home, an upgrade to a 3/4 " or 1" water service is a great upgrade to your home's existing plumbing system.

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