Blocked Drains, Toilets, Showers/Bathtubs & Sinks

Clogged Main Drain
How do you know if your drains are blocked?

  • Water coming up from bathtub or shower 

  • Water coming up from the floor drain

  • Foul smell in the basement

  • Toilet or fixtures in basement don't drain can indicate a blocked main drain


Clogged Toilets

How do you know when you have a clogged toilet?

A clogged toilet is commonly caused by (but not limited to) something being stuck inside the trap way of the toilet, such as toiletry caps, toys, feminine hygiene products, paper towel, toothbrushes etc. The indicators below will determine if your toilet is clogged:

  • Toilet water rises and overflows

  • Toilet doesn't flush or flushes slow

  • ​Toilet bubbles or gurgles when flushed


Clogged drains will have to be snaked to either solve the issue or to determine the cause of the backup.

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