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What is a backwater valve?

A backwater valve is a one way flow control valve installed in a drainage system, that under normal conditions, allows the waste water to drain out of the system. However, if a reversed flow of drainage water occurs, the valve will be forced closed and protect the interior of the building from sewage backup. Every year thousands of homes are flooded with raw sewage and storm water, causing millions in damages that could have been avoided with properly installed backwater valves.

Why should I install a backwater valve?

Experts predict intense rain storms will become more common in Ontario. Installing a backwater valve can help decrease the frequency of basement flooding by reducing the risk of wastewater (sewage) entering your home. Basement flooding can happen during a severe weather event or if the City’s wastewater system reaches its maximum capacity.


Before installing a backwater valve, we will perform a camera inspection and locate to determine where the drain exits the home; this will confirm the location of the install. 

Sanitary backwater valves must be installed by a licensed plumber and require ongoing maintenance.

Toronto Rebate


The available subsidy is 80 per cent of the invoiced cost up to a maximum of $1,250 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials, permit and taxes.

A Building Permit is required to install a backwater valve. The valve must pass inspection by the City of Toronto building inspector in order to be eligible for the subsidy.

You must also consent at the time of the building inspection or at the request of the City:

  • To provide City access to the backwater valve to verify that installation has been completed in accordance with the requirements and conditions of the Program.

  • To the City taking photographs, video and digital images of backwater valves.

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